An exciting addition


Based in East London’s South Woodford, the Grand Trunk Road. Inspired by the chronicled stretch of land built for traders in the 16th century, Rajesh Suri’s Grand Trunk Road is a culinary dedication to a historical staple of the varied flavours of Indian history. Formerly of Mayfair’s Tamarind, as well as Imli and Zaika, legendary restaurateur Rajesh Suri has once again teamed up with Head Chef Dayashankar Sharma to devise an offering that boasts an exquisite plethora of regional dishes prepared authentically, with an appreciation for traditional cooking methods

Each dish reflects the true diversity of the towns along the Grand Trunk Road, which range from the chargrilled delicacies of Peshawar and Rawalpindi, the fried fish of Punjab, to the kebabs and biriyanis of Awadhi. Vegetarian options hail from the region of Varanasi and provide a lusciously fragrant take on healthy eating. Devised of evocative and deeply delicious items, Grand Trunk Road stands as a mouthwatering introduction to the extensive array of historical Indian delights and displays a commitment to high standards, quality, and consistency.