It is a privilege to offer our guests the experience of a gastronomic journey from Kabul to Kolkata; 2500 miles along Grand Trunk Road

A delicious stretch of history, a beautiful map of flavours; we offer a modern take on ancient delicacies using traditional cooking methods. Read More

The Perfect combination of

Tradition & Passion

At Grand Trunk Road, we pair our intricate knowledge with a passion for providing an unforgettable dining experience. Our aim is always to surprise and impress with an evolving menu that continues to explore an ancient land peppered with regional dishes, prepared to perfection.


For those who have everything, treat them to something extra; thoughtful, delicious and always happily received! Read more


Gold-standard service and exclusive menus for group dining occasions. Read more

Unforgettable Dining Experience

Grand Trunk Road

Grand Trunk Road offers an elegant, comfortable atmosphere, stunning Indian fare and impeccable service. We are waiting to welcome you.

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