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About Grand Trunk Road

Authentic Indian Restaurant in London South Woodford

Our History

Built at the dawn of the 16th century, Grand Trunk Road was ancient India’s first route for traders, leading from Kabul to Kolkata in a long stretch of commerce and compelling food recipes that survive to this day.

The seductive flavours range from char grilled barbequed temptations of Peshawar and Rawalpindi, the famous Amritsar fried fish of Punjab to the sumptuous secrets of Royal Banquets of Delhi and Agra.


Our Chef

From honing an impeccable reputation across 28 years of Culinary experience, Head Chef Dayashankar Sharma has become recognised for pairing time-honoured tradition with contemporary ideas and stylings. With more than 28 years of knowledge and experience, his work has helped to establish the image of a range of high-profile names and outlets, while his time at India’s Taj Hotel saw him design and complete a host of events and state banquets for foreign Presidents, Dignitaries and Luminaries.

Grand Trunk Road sees him continue to explore the varied and always seductive flavours of historical India via a stunning menu comprised of the best ingredients and his trademark cutting-edge cooking techniques.


What our customers say about our service?

Grand Trunk Road has welcomed exemplary reviews since our official launch in November 2017. As we continue to offer nothing less than highest standard of cuisine, we also continue to receive the best reviews possible not only from the media, but from our always-satisfied customers also.