Built at the dawn of the 16th century, Grand Trunk Road was ancient India’s first route for traders, leading from Kabul to Kolkata in a long stretch of commerce and compelling food recipes that survive to this day.



The seductive flavours range from char grilled barbequed temptations of Peshawar and Rawalpindi, the famous Amritsar fried fish of Punjab to the sumptuous secrets of Royal Banquets of Delhi and Agra.

The road’s history of succulent kebabs, biryanis of the Awadhi region and the sublime vegetarian repast of Varanasi, the fresh seafood from Kolkata and the tantalizing sweets of Bengal remain as fascinating today as they do delicious.

Now, the best of ancient India meets with contemporary London as age-old cooking techniques combined with seasonal, local ingredients, offer a heady journey of aromatic spices, rich with the nostalgia of ancient lands and beginnings.

Grand Trunk Road uphold the legacy of India’s very own Route 66.
Let the journey begin…