Chef Dayashankar Sharma adds “My childhood memories around food have inspired me to become a chef… I understood at a very early age… (Thanks to my Mother’s exceptional cooking) that food Is a great “Connector” that can get families together… some of our happiest memories evolve around a great meal we have shared with our loved ones… I saw the care and love my mother put in her cooking and I carry that with me today in my cooking.… For me, food Became an opportunity to express myself… I believe that Food should not only be nourishing but should also be fun and give joy and that is what I am constantly striving to achieve”

Well… Chef Dayashankar Sharma‘s Passion for food… Surely has sown the right fruits… With 3 Michelin Plates (2018/2019/ 2020) and the winner of the Best Indian Restaurant at the Indian Curry Awards… he is surely stirring up the taste buds of Food Lovers in UK
Join us as we focus our SPOTLIGHT on Chef Dayashankar Sharma Founder/ Executive Chef of Grand Trunk Road South Woodford

Chef Dayashankar Sharma Adds “My Professional Journey in the culinary world began as a Kitchen Trainee with the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. After I had attained my Hospitality Degree…. I also had the opportunity to work with the Taj Hotels . Its here I realized… That my understanding of this industry surpassed that of those who had joined with me at that time, and I knew this was a clear signal for me to continue and keep learning as much as I could… And this journey hasn’t stopped ever since”

So with a Massive 30 Years behind Him… and a work experience that took him to Sri Lanka, and an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the culinary world including Imli, Zaika and Tamarind of Mayfair Chef Dayashankar Sharma Launched his very own Grand Trunk Road along with his partner Rajesh Suri in 2016

Chef Dayashankar Sharma adds “ I had the fine opportunity to travel along the 1500 Mile Trail that connect Bangladesh with Afghanistan.. Grand Trunk Road South Woodford is inspired from my culinary adventures that I took along this legendary stretch of land… I wanted to communicate the culinary traditions and the depth of the flavors that were steeped in history from the Grand Trunk Road to discerning food lovers in the UK and the award and accolades we have received… are a proof that our guests love us for what we do.”

Chef Dayashankar Sharma has many more accolades to his credit… He has done consultancy work for catering for some of the biggest airlines in the world at Dsi foods in London… He has also been a regular participant at food festivals in Switzerland, France and other countries in Europe..and has been closely associated with Chef Satish Arora…

Chef Dayashankar Sharma adds “There has been a lot to learn from Chef Satish Arora… he is a real legend of the Indian culinary world… and I fondly consider him to be my mentor.. . I also fondly remember my Time at the SAARC summit in Sri lanka… where I had the privilege to cook for Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and PM’s and delegates of other countries.. The last 2 years have been the most important for me… I was considered as the National Winner by the British Parliament for the “Asian chef of the year “ and I was also the Chef of the year in London “ for the year 2019”
Wow.. All the above accolades clearly show the Great Work that Chef Dayashankar Sharma has been doing… Fans of Chef Dayashankar Sharma Work are known to say… that He is at the forefront of presenting heritage food in a new and a unique way to the British pallets and this is one of the reasons for his astounding success.

Chef Dayashankar Sharma adds “My Culinary Journey surely has had its share of ups and downs… But I have realized this. That when you work hard and plan ahead of time, things always fall in place. I’m also constantly striving to challenge myself, learn new techniques, and I am so looking forward to serve all of you at the Grand Trunk Road South Woodford… the next time you are in London”

Its great to come across legendary Chef’s Like Chef Dayashankar Sharma and our personal best wishes to him for all his future endeavors.
Thank you chef Vivek Chauhan for your support and sharing us about the work of Chef Dayashankar Sharma
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