Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with it comes the excitement of choosing the perfect way to spend a romantic evening with the love of your life. Going for a meal out is a great way to express your love, however if you want to make the night really romantic, there are plenty of little touches you can add to make it a night your loved one will remember for the rest of their life. The team at Grand Trunk Road have put their heads together to come up with a few ideas to add a touch of romance to your night out.

Make it personal

If you are serious about making sure the evening is as perfect as possible, make sure you tailor it to what your loved one likes best. Find out which style of cuisine he or she prefers and the type of restaurant they feel most comfortable going to. Is there anywhere they have been dying to try out but has not got around to doing so yet, or feel it is too expensive? Go for it – Valentine’s Day happens just once a year!

Say it with flowers

Arriving empty-handed for a date can start things off on the wrong foot, yet showering your date with expensive gifts can make things feel awkward if they are not reciprocated or expected. Flowers are the perfect solution to this dilemma – whether you and your date are male or female. The choices are practically endless, from a simple early spring corsage to extravagant armfuls of roses.

Arrive in style

Again, the way you approach this will depend very much on the personal tastes (and budget!) of you and your loved one. Yet whether you hire the most lavish limo you can find, or escort your date to the restaurant on foot, you can always find ways to make the transport part of the evening special. Can you enjoy a glass of wine on the way (unless you are driving, of course)? Perhaps you could play some significant music or talk about shared memories and dreams for the future.

Music in the air

Talking of music, this is another way to tailor your evening to make it perfect. Talk to the restaurant in advance if you would like to play a certain song or discuss a ‘request’ from musicians playing live during the evening. Writing song lyrics that mean something to you both in a card and handing it to your date is a nice touch, as is spending some time discussing and choosing a special song to call yours.

Popping the question

Finally, if you are planning on asking your loved one to marry you this Valentine’s Day, getting down on bended knee in a beautiful restaurant can be a wonderful idea. Again, it might be worth calling the restaurant in advance so they can help you pick the perfect moment. They may well be happy to dim the lights, play your favourite music, light some candles or place the ring in a dessert. They should certainly rejoice in being part of your special evening and help you celebrate (so long as your partner says ‘yes’, of course!) afterwards.